Who are we?

Advance Therapy Group is a multidisciplinary center for therapeutic clinical assistance in the areas of rehabilitation of cognitive, physical and development skills in general of the human being. Our clinic offers services in speech-language evaluation and therapy, occupational evaluation and therapy, audiological screenings, tutoring and supervised assignments among other related services. Our services are aimed at all kinds of patients from newborns to the elderly.


Our mission is to reach the patient and meet their needs, achieving a development of their skills and personal goals to obtain client, family and professional satisfaction. This is our pride.

Advanced Therapy Group offers informative talks to parents, relatives, schools, care centers or any other person or agency that needs information on the management of any condition or developmental difficulty for which our team of professionals can help you.


The vision of Advanced Therapy Group is to provide innovative and quality services in our work areas, covering the great need and demand for help, assistance and guidance to the community, patients and families. Because, we have excellent clinicians, professionals, committed and dedicated to their vocation.

We currently have areas for clinical therapy, educational assistance, fitness and physical and sensory rehabilitation gym, evaluation room and waiting room.

Our Services

  • Talk therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Sensory rehabilitation
  • Psychological services
  • Children's services
  • We serve children, adolescents and the elderly
  • Tutorials and Supervised Assignments
  • Audiological Screenings
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We have the Telemedicine option available